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Woman Creates Beautifully Vibrant Pineapple Cake Just In Time For Summer

With summer approaching fast, there is a lot of pressure to craft yummy treats that are perfect for the warm weather. If you’re hitting a BBQ this weekend, you can show up with this jalapeo-stuffed baguette and impress all of your friends.

If your family and friends are anything like mine, then there is usually a designated appetizer person and a designated dessert person. Oh, and someone needs to bring the booze as well! In my family, I’m responsible for the desserts. But it gets boring after a while making the same fivethings for birthdays, holidays, and family cookouts. I’m always looking for exciting new recipes!

Over at Cake Style, they’re constantly coming up with creative cake recipes and decorations. Their pineapple-stuffed cake is one of the best ones I’ve seen as of late! All of your friends and family will be insanely jealous when you show up at a party this summer with this cake.

Not only is this cake decorated to look like the tasty fruit, it’s also filled with little pineapple candies! So all the party guests will be in for a nice surprise when they cut into it. Watch the video below to see how she makes this gorgeous cake!

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