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Man Figures Out An Adorable Way To Play With His Pup While Working

Sometimes it’s hard to find enough time to give your pup all the countless hours of love you wish you could give him. After all, we all have to work and make a living!

Going to and from an office can be really stressful, especially if it’s far away and you have a long commute. Taking a train isn’t so bad, because it gives you the time to catch up on the latest best-selling novel or listen through a few of your favorite albums. But, for some people, working from home or closer to home is more up their alley.

If your hours are flexible or if you work from home, though, there are ways to get creative with your time. Working from a home office gives youmore time to go for a run in the morning, do a few errands before you have to start your workday, or have a nice breakfast with your loved ones.

This man below has a lovely home office with a relaxing view of his backyard. That really seems like the life, doesn’t it? But the best part is that he gets to hang out with his pup, who’s very happy that he gets so much time with his human.

But what happens when the pup wants to play while his human has to work? This is just too sweet!


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