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Young Boy Saves A Girl From Drowning By Using A Pool Skimmer

Summer is the season made for lounging by the pool and jumping into the water to cool off. There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing than enjoying the dogdays of summer this way.

But as the weather gets warmer, it’s important to warn parents that they should never leave their children unattended, or accidents can happen. Young children can slip into the pool, or jump in, andrisk drowning if they are not good swimmers. Bottom line:It’s never a good idea to leave your kids unsupervised!

Seven-year-old Lewek Reynolds is, however, a fantastic swimmer, andknows that safety always comes first. His dad, Joe, taught him to never put himself in danger, and that there are moreways to help others without putting one’s selfin harm’s way.

Lewek got to put his lifesaving skills to the test one holiday weekend when he saw a young girl jump into a pool without her life jacket. Everyone was filtering out of the pool by this time, and he was the only witness.

Anyone’s first instinct would be to jump in to save the drowning girl, but Lewek knew better. He grabbed the pool skimmer and hoisted the girl to safety, even when his father thought that he was fooling around!

Now watch the clip to see exactly how Lewek saved this little girl…


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