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Mans Attempt To Remove A Tree Stump Goes Horribly Wrong

According to, the average cost to remove a tree stump ranges from $60 to $350 per stump, depending on various factors like size. If you do it yourself, the most it may cost is $150.

Not only did the brave man you’re about to meet decide to take the DIY route, but he did so at a way more extreme level. You see, Paul wanted to spend as little money as possible, and this meant that all he needed to use was a chain and his trusty SUV.

Now, in an ideal world, the SUV would be strong enough and the chain tight enough to gently rip the stump out of the ground. That’s not what happens here.

With his friend standing back and filming the risky experiment, Paul accelerates and moves the vehicle forward away from the lawn. Suddenly, the stump snaps in half and goes flying into his back windshield with a loud thud.

As a result, half of the pesky stump remains securely fixed into the ground and the driver undoubtedly has some repairs to make on his truck.

Sometimes, it’s OKto spring for some professional help. In the case of Paul vs. Stump, I think we know who won this round.

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