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Mom Forgives Ex-Husband For Dousing Her In Detergent, Then Falls In Love With Her Piano Teacher

In 2007, Carmen Tarleton a nurse and mother-of-two from Thetford, Vermont endured an unspeakable nightmare. Carmen’s estranged husband broke into her home, brutally attacked her, and doused her in industrial-strength detergent. The chemicalleft seriousburns on 80% of her body.

In the wake of the horrible attack, Carmenwas left severely disfigured and legally blind. Her ex, Herbert Rogers, is now serving a minimum 30-year prison sentence.

In 2013, Carmen underwent a groundbreaking face and hair transplant procedure at Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Her donor was a mother namedCheryl Denelli-Righter, who died of a stroke.

When Carmen revealed her new face to the world, the public wasimmediately struck by her positive outlook and unwavering strength, despite such horrendous circumstances. At a press conference in Boston, she announced, “I have been on this incredible journey for the past six years and receiving this wonderful gift ends this chapter of my life. What a great way to move forward with what life has for me now. The donor and her family have given me a tremendous gift.”

And though she knew she was finally ready, Carmen doubted she’d ever find a boyfriend again. After all, she thought… who could find her beautiful?

But before her face transplant, Carmen signed up for piano lessons. Her teacher was a man named Sheldon, a talented musician and lifelong bachelor who never thought of himself as the romantic type.

When Carmenwalked through Sheldon’s door, life changed for them both and remember, he met her before she even knewshe’d be getting her new face…

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