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Model Hides From Men For 10 Years, Then Bravely Shares Her Before Makeup Look On TV

31-year-old Breanne Rice has been single for two years. Looking at her in the first interview, you might immediately ask yourself, “How?”

She’s beautiful, well spoken, and seems to live a healthy lifestyle.

But she’s hiding something thatshe believes is stopping her from finding love and it’s all under what she calls “12 pounds of makeup.”

Rice was just 19 years old when she noticed a white patch of skin on her face, right under her eye. After going to a doctor to try to figure out what it was, she was told she had vitiligo.

But she’s done hiding. After 10 years, she finally posted online a photo of herself without her makeup. The interview below was shot for a new show she’ll be on titledToo Ugly for Love?

This show is not made in a negative light, although the title might be jarring. The series aims to helppeople with insecurities find love and acceptance, if not with someone else, at least within themselves.

Hopefully, Rice will realize that she’s so incredibly far from ugly. We hope this TV show will be a great inspiration for so many women and men out there struggling with similar journeys.

No one deserves to feel ugly, and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Don’t you think Riceis gorgeous, even without her makeup?

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