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Stylist Forces Woman To Take Out Her Extensions To Transform Her Hair

Sometimes, all you need is a haircut and some fresh makeup to become more confident and happy with yourself! It’s incredible what a haircut can do, and if you don’t believe me just watch below for a simple, sweet transformation!

In this video, Natalie, an employee of reVamp!, is ready to show customers her talent with a first impression. With the help of Christopher Hopkins, aka “the Makeup Guy,” she is transformed into a completely new-looking woman!

When we first meet her, she admits she’s edgy, her hair is a harsh bright blonde color, and she wants to be girly but is not used to not having her extensions in.

Christopher pushes her out of her comfort zone for the possibility of a beautiful new look and he succeeds!

Taking her extensions out, giving her a subtle bob cut, and dimming down the brightness leaves her looking absolutely incredible. She is a youngwoman, and I think this makeoverages her in a great way.

Shedoesn’t look older as much as she looks more mature and put together! Isn’t this a classy makeover?Let us know what you think about Natalie’s new hair in the comments below!

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